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Are you tired of that nagging shoulder pain when you do presses? Fed up with worrying about "throwing your back out again" next time you try to progress your deadlifts?

Stop letting the little stuff hold you back

I help fitness enthusiasts perform better at life by empowering them with the tools needed to understand & conquer their pain so they can return to what they enjoy most. Whether you're a barbell athlete, a long-distance runner, a former athlete or you just enjoy a good workout, I'm here to help.

My name is Dr. Derek Brockman. I am a Physical Therapist, Strength Coach, and Movement Specialist for people who push their bodies to the limits. I understand people like us and together we can change the way you are experiencing pain.

Come See Me at BG Powerhouse in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Not close by? Lets talk about remote/online consultations

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