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Strength & Conditioning I Physical Therapy I Sports Rehabilitation

When "Rest for a few weeks, take these pills, and come back if it doesn't get better" isn't what you want to hear

Most Doctors don't understand people like us.

They don't know why we get so frustrated when their best recommendation is "stop doing that if it hurts".

They don't realize that rest doesn't fix movement faults & pain medication is just a band aid.

They don't understand the aches and pains currently holding back your progress. They have never felt the frustration from the thought of "just giving it up".

They don't know how important staying fitness is to our lives and  is. I do not want you to stop doing what you love due to fear of injury.


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When others tell you to take a break

Ill tell you to meet me at the gym


I'm not like most Doctors.


'I believe everyone should have confidence in their bodies that allow them to conquer their day to day lives without any fear of damaging themselves due to movement and activities they enjoy.'

 - Dr. Derek Brockman, DPT

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