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Bridging The Gap Between

The Clinic & The Gym


To me, Physical therapy is listening, understanding, and educating the person in front of me on their condition to help them better understand why they may be experiencing pain. Together we determine the pain-related factors that are playing a role in their situation, I examine and modulate their symptoms through optimizing movement, and we establish a plan to manage symptoms & restore their function. 

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Successful load management is the ability to increase your capacity and tolerance to movement through graded intensity. It forces your body to adapt & tolerate greater demands than it ever has before. Strength is never a weakness. 

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 I help fitness enthusiasts get back into the gym without pain so they can return to what they enjoy most. Whether you're a barbell athlete, a long-distance runner, or you just enjoy a good workout, I'm here to help. 

My name is Dr. Derek Brockman, I am a Physical Therapist, and together we can change the way you experiencing pain.

I am currently treating patients inside BG Powerhouse gym.

Who is

Derek Brockman

If you found this page that means we are likely very similar people. To people like us, the gym is more than what most people can see and hear.

It's not just a physical location that we tell people we go to sometimes, or a reoccurring charge on our credit card to validate a conscious effort to be "healthy".

To people like us, it's not really all about what can be seen. It's the ongoing process of self reflection through failures and through successes. It's about the internal struggle, the little victories, and the empowerment from overcoming obstacles that once towered over you.


People like us use the gym to build strength and resilience for when we are outside facing everyday life. 

What most others don't understand is that we are better versions of ourselves because of the internal struggles the gym forces us to address and overcome. 

My name is Dr. Derek Brockman. I am a Physical Therapist and I understand people like us. I manage pain without the unnecessary use of pills, MRI's, or surgery and I treat my patients where they are most confident and comfortable; in the gym.

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